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62 days…

Until I’m Mrs. Word.

43 months ago in the middle of July I was sitting on Westy Westergaard’s couch. A boy walked through the door who looked so painfully familiar that I was immediately overwhelmed with that obnoxious feeling you get when you feel like you’ve forgotten something very important. At the time I remember thinking to myself, “Maybe I don’t know him, maybe it’s just because he looks like Link from Zelda, with a little bit of that hobbit guy, the only good looking one… what’s his name? Dominic something. Man, I really hate Elijah Wood.” And while I was busy raking my memory desperately trying to recollect where in God’s name our paths could have crossed before, he ever-so suavely plopped down next to me. Here are the golden first words that poured from his lips:

Your legs look reeeeally smooth. Can I touch them?

The reincarnation of Casanova himself.┬áThe rest of the night involved my first (and last) game of beer pong as his partner. I don’t drink, so he had to drink all of my drinks. Which made him drunk. Which made him stoop. Which made him make-out with some fish-eyed rando.

The next day he managed to contact me. He asked to be friends. I told him I do not make friends with sleezy creepers or drunks. He said he was neither of those things. I told him to prove it. So he did. And by summer’s end we were inseparable and living together. And now we’re getting married.


August 2006

PS Wedding invites go out on Wednesday